Friday, March 20, 2009

Mute Albino Progressive Rock

Progressive instrumental music that will make you daydream

Debut CD of Mute Albino : "Flies On Oranges" at cdbaby

Dreamy, well-crafted Art Rock with strong visual quality. Flies On Oranges is an instrumental adventure for your senses. Perceive the music!

Actually, I’m a graphic designer. I’ve been drawing from childhood, and never stopped.

But then music came along …Since music has much more impact, i knew this was the vehicle to express myself. So I listened very carefully, not in a technical way, but emotionally. I found out about British progressive music and Frank Zappa, which broadened my perception and made me look beyond the mainstream pop.
I play all instruments myself, except drums for which I use
drumloops in order to arrange them to my taste.
For guitars, I use an Epiphone
Les Paul Standard, an Ibanez Blazer bass, and for all other instruments, a midi keyboard. Arranging and producing, I do on an Apple iMac G5 with Garageband and Logic Studio. All songs are my own compositions. - Stip Vanstiphout

Official website:

Frank Zappa, Jethro Tull, Tetzepi, 70’s Progressive Rock, Avant Garde, Jazz, Arabian music, Irish folk